Vancouver Vehicular Collisions Involving People Walking and Cycling 2009-2013

Vancouver Vehicular Collisions Involving People Walking and Cycling 2009-2013

By Darren Proulx and Samuel Baron

Utilizing data from ICBC’s pedestrian and cycling collisions, Slow Streets compares the number of vehicular collisions with road width in the City of Vancouver (The ICBC data defines collisions as those resulting in both injuries and fatalities). Slow Streets found that larger roads widths were correlated with higher rates of collisions between vehicles and people walking and cycling. Our findings are compiled in a brief report and interactive map.


Report Cover


Slow Streets also created an interactive map so that you can examine these numbers yourself. You can customize the graph and averages by selecting a specific group of intersections. Selecting specific intersections will also show you the breakdown of walking versus cycling collisions. You can also retrieve the raw data and coordinates for any selection of intersections. To view the interactive map, please visit: Vancouver Vehicular Collisions with People Walking and Cycling.
Collision Data

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