The Case For A Complete Street On Commercial Drive

The Case For A Complete Street On Commercial Drive
By Slow Streets

Report CoverThe Case For a Complete Street contends that Vancouver’s Commercial Drive would benefit greatly from becoming a Complete Street. In its current format, Commercial Drive’s streetscape fails to acknowledge the street’s role as a regional destination for culture, shopping, dining and other activities. Rather, Commercial Drive is treated primarily as a thoroughfare for automobiles whose size and speed create an uncomfortable walking, cycling and dwelling experience. Prioritizing slower modes would strengthen existing activities and allow for new uses which are only imaginable during the annual Car Free Day festival.  Re-envisioning Commercial Drive as a Complete Street would enhance its sense of place and make the street more accessible to a greater number of people. In turn, more value – and a better overall experience – would be generated for all visitors, residents and businesses.

The Case For a Complete Street details primary research conducted by Slow Streets between September 2014 and January 2015 including pedestrian observations, business surveys and an inventory of parking. Slow Streets also conducted a literature review of Complete Streets best practices and the impacts on neighbourhoods and businesses in other cities.

The report can be downloaded below or via Dropbox.

Report Cover


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