Slow Streets AI, Coming Soon!

Cities invest billions of dollars in their streets, but are they maximizing the return on public investment from their streets? Are cities designing streets in a way that maximizes the health, safety, economic development and quality of life potential for their citizens? Most cities evaluate street designs based primarily on how quickly you can move the most vehicles through them. To evaluate the success of street designs in this manner fails to accurately capture the full impact of the design and the potential socio-economic benefits and impacts they provide.

What if you could measure how happy or disgruntled a street or public space design was making people? What if you could track how quickly people were walking because of a street design? What if we told you that you could now do that?

Slow Streets is excited to announce the unveiling of Slow Streets AI, a revolutionary and cutting edge new way to evaluate street and public space designs!

Slow Streets AI White Paper 2018-01-26

Slow Streets conducts behavioural observations of various street designs using artificial intelligence software which tracks and counts people and provides details such as their emotions, whether people were wearing glasses, had facial hair and their attributes such as age and gender. This provides data of how people actually travel and behave.

What are the impacts when you remove a curbside parking lane and replace it with a 60 km/hr curbside HOV lane? What are the impacts when you set back the retail buildings from the sidewalk with parking lots? What are the impacts when you lower the speed limit, provide protected bike lanes or parklets? People’s behaviours follow the street design and it has a direct impact on the social, economic and environmental success of cities. These are all scenarios that can be evaluated with Slow Streets AI.

Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks Slow Streets will unveil the capabilities of Slow Streets AI through a series of posts.

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