Darren Proulx

Darren Proulx P.Eng M.Urb @dnproulx


Darren is passionate for tying together integrated multimodal urban mobility networks and land use in innovative ways that foster sustainable, safe and vibrant cities.  Darren has a unique background combining over seven years of experience with technical mechanical engineering, multi-discipline project coordination, and active transportation and transit planning. He has a B.Sc Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Alberta and a Master of Urban Studies degree from Simon Fraser University.  Darren’s primary specialization is active transportation and transit planning and design, urban economics and public space place making.

Right-Size Your City Space to Maximize Momentary Respite
Lessons of Incremental Innovation in Southeast Asia
Car-Free Zones in Vietnam
Hanoi: Motorbikes, Specialization and Streetlife
Interactive Map of Victoria Vehicular Collisions by Road Width
Vancouver Vehicular Collisions Involving People Walking and Cycling
Using Leaves to Show How Much Actual Space Vehicles Need
Slower Speed Limits Move More Traffic

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