Client Statements

Slow Streets provides Consulting Services. Here is a sample of the quality of our work:

As a Business Improvement Area grappling with the everyday outcomes of challenging transportation policies of our “main street” shopping area, we engaged Slow Streets to help us learn more about our situation. We asked them to conduct observational research on how our street is actually used by its various users, and the people and vehicle movements that result from the existing dynamics.

The team members of Slow Streets applied themselves whole-heartedly and professionally in conducting their research, and provided us with more than we expected. In addition to supply our organization with value data, they went beyond the call of duty to outline various possible alternative approaches. They considered many angles in their recommendations, and prepared a thorough presentation on the outcomes of each.

Slow Streets’ meticulous research and their well-articulated possible directions will certainly be useful in our future discussions with city leaders, planners, and other policy decision-makers in helping determine the best transportation policies for our shopping district and community.”

Isabel Kolic
Executive Director
Heights Merchants Association